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How to Videos (19)

How To: Set Powercut Blades From Inboard To Outboard

How To: Replace Nylon Line Cord

How To: Change Planer Blades

How To: Tracking A Sanding Belt

CA5000X - Aluminium Groove Cutter

How To: Customise Charger Alert Tones

How To: Chain Tension Adjustment

How To: Adjust The Oil Flow On The 18Vx2 Brushless Chainsaw

How To: Starting the DUC353

How To: DUH551 Handle Adjustment

How To: Drilling Masonry With DX02

How To: Pair Your Makita AWS Power Tools

How To: Changing Attachments With Our DUX60

How To: DUM604 Change Blades

How To: Reduce Circular Saw Kickback

How To: Extend Cold Cut Blade Life

How To: Change Planer Blades

How To: Preventing Bit Jamming

How To: Tightening A Keyless Chuck


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