Thruster Percussion Hammer Drill Bits
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Part No: Thruster
  • Straight shank for use in 3/8" and 1/2" drill chucks
  • Heat-hardened high alloy steel for maximum durability
  • Self-centering carbide tip penetrates material on contact
  • Extra strong high quality carbide tip for maximum performance and efficiency
  • Reinforced ground flute for fast material penetration and dust removal
  • Made in Germany quality
  • Available in 1/8" - 1" diameters
  • Available in 1/Pk, 5/Pk and 10/Pk (select sizes only)


711260-A, 711260-A-10, 711261-A, 711261-A-5, 711261-A-10, 711262-A, 711262-A-10, 711263-A, 711263-A-5, 711263-A-10, 711264-A, 711265-A, 711265-A-10, 711266-A, 711266-A-5, 711266-A-10, 711267-A, 711268-A, 711268-A-5, 711268-A-10, 711269-A, 711270-A, 711270-A-5, 711270-A-10, 711271-A, 711271-A-10, 711272-A, 711273-A, 711273-A-5, 711273-A-10, 711274-A, 711274-A-10, 711275-A, 711275-A-10, 711276-A, 711277-A, 711278-A, 711279-A, 711280-A-A

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Note: Makita Canada reserves the right to change specification of products without notice. The contents of the parts breakdown and Instruction manuals may be different from current products.

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