Standard SDS-PLUS 2-Cutter Rotary Hammer Drill Bits
New Accessory
Part No: Standard SDS-PLUS 2-Cutter Rotary Hammer Drill Bits
  • 2-Cutter carbide tip provides fast and accurate holes in concrete and masonry
  • Single point tip enables easy spot drilling with pinpoint accuracy and no walking
  • Flute design removes dust and debris quickly and efficiently


D-00804, D-00810, D-00826, D-00832, D-00848, D-00854, D-00860, D-00876, D-00882, D-00898, D-00907, D-00913, D-00929, D-00935, D-00941, D-00957, D-00963, D-00979, D-00985, D-00991, D-01002, D-01018, D-01024, D-01030, D-01046, D-01052, D-01068, D-01074, D-00804-25, D-00810-25, D-00826-25, D-00832-25, D-00848-25, D-00854-25, D-00860-25, D-00876-25, D-00882-25, D-00898-25, D-00907-25, D-00913-25, D-00929-25, D-00935-25, D-00941-25, D-00957-25, D-00963-25, D-00979-25, D-00985-25, D-00991-25, D-01002-25, D-01018-25, D-01024-25, D-01030-25, D-01046-25, D-01052-25, D-01068-25, D-01074-25

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