Wire Angle Grinder Brushes
New Accessory
Part No: Wire Angle Grinder Brushes
  • Cup style effective for use on large flat or rugged surfaces
  • Wheel style ideal for heavy duty spot brushing
  • Bevel style ideal for use on edges and in corners
  • Crimped wire offers a less aggressive, more consistant brush finish and greater flexibility versus knotted or twisted wire
  • Knotted and twisted wire offer more aggressive brushing and narrower contact surface


A-98413, A-98479, A-98407, A-98463, A-98538, A-98544, A-98603, A-98398, A-98429, A-98435, A-98647, A-98376, A-98485, A-98491, A-98522, A-98572, A-98588, A-98594, A-98669, A-98382, A-98441, A-98457, A-98631, A-98500, A-98516, A-98550, A-98566, A-98653, A-98619, A-98625


Note: Makita Canada reserves the right to change specification of products without notice. The contents of the parts breakdown and Instruction manuals may be different from current products.

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