Nylon Drill Brushes
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Part No: Nylon Drill Brushes
  • Ideal for use with 3/8" or 1/2" drills
  • Max. 4,500 RPM no load speed
  • Nylon brushes offer an effective alternative to wire brushes: nylon maintains shape and do not rust, spark or shed metal bristles
  • Nylon bristles feature embedded abrasive grit to enable versatility and finish ability of wire with increased material removal rate of bonded abrasives
  • Effective for flat or rugged surfaces
  • End brushes are ideal for tight or narrow spaces
  • Cup brushes are ideal for flat or narrow surfaces
  • Wheel brushes are ideal for spot rust removal or de-burring
  • Flap wheels ideal for wood surface treatment and finishing
  • Available in 80G (coarse) and 240G (fine)
  • Colour coded coarse (orange) and fine (blue) grits for fast and easy identification
  • Available 1/Pk


D-66737, D-66765, D-66743, D-66771, D-66759, D-66787, D-66793, D-66846, D-66802, D-66852, D-66818, D-66868, D-66824, D-66874, D-66830, D-66880, D-66896, D-66933, D-66905, D-66949, D-66911, D-66955, D-66927, D-66961, D-66977, D-66983

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