Resin Fibre Sanding Discs / Metal & Wood
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Aluminum-Oxide Resin Fibre Sanding Discs

Lasts up to 40X longer than abrasive sandpaper!

  • General purpose metal and wood sanding, removing paint, scale, rust, corrosion and surface preparation
  • Specially formulated resin bond coat for superior stock removal
  • Use with rubber backing pad and lock nut
  • Available in various grits, from A16 - A120
  • Available in 5 /Pk and 25 /Pk
  • Fits 4" - 9" Angle Grinders


742036-A-5, 742037-A-5, 742038-A-5, 742039-A-5, 742087-A-5, 742040-A-5, 794104-A-5, 794105-A-5, 794106-A-5, 794107-A-5, 794107-B-5, 794108-A-5, 742072-A-5, 742073-A-5, 742074-A-5, 742074-B-5, 742075-A-5, 742075-B-5, 742076-A-5, 742069-A-5, 742089-A-5, 742070-A-5, 742070-B-5, 742071-A-5, 742071-B-5, 742091-A-5, 742036-A-25, 742037-A-25, 742038-A-25, 742039-A-25, 742087-A-25, 742040-A-25, 794105-A-25, 794106-A-25, 794107-A-25, 794107-B-25, 794108-A-25, 742072-A-25, 742073-A-25, 742074-A-25, 742074-B-25, 742075-A-25, 742075-B-25, 742076-A-25, 742067-A-25, 742069-A-25, 742089-A-25, 742070-A-25, 742070-B-25, 742071-A-25, 742071-B-25, 742091-A-25

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Note: Makita Canada reserves the right to change specification of products without notice. The contents of the parts breakdown and Instruction manuals may be different from current products.

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