4" - 10" Optimum Series Diamond Blades for Circular Saws
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Optimum Series Diamond Blades

Available in 4", 4-1/2", 5", 7" and 10" Diameters

  • Optimum Bond Matrix provides the optimal balance between wear, fracture and exposure in order to maximize the cutting ability of the diamond content
  • Optimum Diamond Blades cut Faster, Longer and Smoother in a variety of materials
  • Highest Quality Diamond Content to enable maximum cutting ability
  • Superior Quality Steel Core for maximum stability and durability
  • Laser Welded (Segmented Rim Blades) or Sintered (Continuous Rim Blades) to ensure the strongest possible joints
  • Available in Segmented, Turbo and Continuous Rims


B-69630, B-69652, E-02515, E-02559, B-69624, E-02630, B-69727, E-02571, B-69571, E-02509, B-69618, E-02624, B-69711, E-02674, A-90934, B-69593, B-69602, E-02618, B-69696, B-69705, E-02565, E-02668, B-69587, E-02602, B-69680, B-69565

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Note: Makita Canada reserves the right to change specification of products without notice. The contents of the parts breakdown and Instruction manuals may be different from current products.

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