HEPA™ Filter Cartridge
Part No: T-01806

HEPA Filter Cartridge for 446L Dust Extractor


  • Rated at 99.995% - 99.999% Efficiency / 0.005% - 0.001% Max. Permeability
  • Filters material >0.3 microns (μ
  • Each HEPATM Filter comes packaged with its own individual certificate of efficiency   
  • Complies with Canadian Provincial Standards, US Military Standard 282, OSHA Standard 1910.134, EPA Standard RRP 40 CFR 745.83, DOE Standard DOE-STD-3020-97, International Standard IEC 60335-3-69, European Standard EN 60335-2-69
  • Can be cleaned with soap and water (ensure filter has dried before re-installing on dust extractor)
  • Do not use with wet materials



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