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Maximum Repair Program

Please click the following link to get the pdf version of the Maximum Repair program chart.

Maximum Repair Program Chart

Makita Canada Inc. Maximum Repair Policy:

Makita Canada Inc. will guarantee that, upon acceptance, any Makita tool will be repaired (excluding shipping and tax) for a maximum repair cost as quoted by a Makita Canada Inc. Factory Service Centre. This program will take effect from February 1, 2008 and will be reviewed on a regular basis for effectiveness.

Calculation of a tool's Maximum Repair Cost (MRC) is based on 40% of the current list price for the tool model. Some tool combo kits are not applicable and the MRC can be determined based on the list prices of the applicable component items. If a tool is discontinued and not shown on the current price list, dealers and end users may contact their local Makita Factory Service Centre for a quotation.

Terms and Conditions :

1 The MRC program is only available through the 13 Makita Canada Factory Service Centres in Canada.
2. If a tool has been accepted under the Maximum Repair Program and parts are available, the cost (not including shipping and applicable taxes) will not exceed the published MRC. It may, however, be less than the published amount.
3 The published MRC does not include associated shipping costs or applicable taxes.
4. A Makita Factory Service Centre Manager has the right to deny the MRC if, in their judgement, the tool is beyond its useful life.
5. Some tools that have been discontinued for some time may no longer have available parts in Canada and may not qualify for the quoted MRC
6. At the discretion of Makita Canada Inc., a tool may be replaced with a factory refurbished tool or in some cases a new tool. This does not apply to tools denied under the MRC Program or discontinued tools for which parts are no longer available.
7 No standard equipment part or accessory will be replaced under the MRC Program unless it accompanies the tool at the time of receipt. If the customer wants to have these parts replaced, they must supply them or there may be an additional charge.
8 Makita Canada Inc. will review the effectiveness of this policy, on a regular basis, and reserves the right to modify or cancel the program without prior notice.